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Dear business owners,

(established or a newcomer into today’s challenging market place).

Thank you for your interest in Kognya.

You are obviously a strong and determined personality or you would not be running your own business and you are probably an expert in what you do in your business. So why should you be an expert in digital marketing and website development?

It is therefore critical that the capital spent on marketing in your business is not spent on what would be considered efficient marketing methods, but effective marketing methods. You would not make an investment if you believed it would lose money, likewise there is no point in having a costly state of the art website if it is not producing new customers and sales.

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Latest digital marketing tools

Kognya can help you make the most of the latest digital marketing tools and methods available and these need not be expensive. We at Kognya believe that you will be surprised what effective digital marketing can do for your business and the costs involved.

Even if you feel that your business has a good on-line presence, please ask yourself the questions are you ready for the future challenges and more importantly is your current website ready. Technology is changing rapidly and many businesses that had websites developed a number of years ago have found themselves with a website that is no longer fit for purpose.

"Is this sounding familiar"?

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Effective Online Presence

Your on-line presence is not just the face of your business, it's your local and global sales team and as such you should be in control of that team.

  • Can you honestly say that you feel in total control of your current on-line presence?
  • Are you paying management and/or maintenance fees?
  • Do you have to pay extra fees to have small changes done?
  • Do you feel that small changes you would like to make are not worth the costs or the hassle in asking for these changes?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you are not in control of your online presence and you should ask WHY NOT.

Kognya is not trying to reinvent the wheel here, we are simply redressing the balance between technology and management. You should be in control of the technology, not the other way around.

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We do not talk technical jargon at KOGNYA, we talk BUSINESS.

Please register with KOGNYA and use our user-friendly click for further information on the areas that may be of interest to you and see how we can help you and your business grow. Please never feel uncomfortable at asking us any questions you may have. What you may think is a silly question to be asking is viewed by Kognya as valuable customer feedback, so please ask away.

If we have made you think a little about what you may have now or what you would like to have regarding your business on-line presence, please check us out, you have nothing to lose.

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Services you are interested in:


Are you just starting out on your new venture?
Do you have a limited budget for marketing?
Would you like to have an on-line presence but feel that this at the current moment is totally out of your grasp?

Please do not worry, we at Kognya have toe dipping packages like our Turn-key “Rental” or Turn-key “Rent to Buy” packages that are totally flexible and will get you started. Keeping you in full control of your on-line presence and allowing you and your business the flexibility to convert to a custom built on-line presence as your business develops and grows. Please register and check us out.