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Horatiu Cristurean is a Web Developer with extensive experience and great expertise in both areas, front-end and back-end development. He is working in the computer science industry since 1994 when he graduated as a BS - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the faculty of Mathematics and Computer science in Cluj, Romania. He has also got a Master of Science Diploma in Computer Software from the same University in 2009.
His experience as a web developer spans across over 15 years, with projects developed in Romania, Portugal, Spain, UK and Middle East.
He is been working as a Senior Software Developer for some well-known companies in Spain, like Alpixel, Shebel, ING, to mention just a few.
Front-end technologies: Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, MarionetteJS, JQuery, Backbone, Angular, RequireJS, JasmineJS, NodeJS, Dust, Gepetto, Rest for client side
Back-end technologies: PHP (Laravel Framework), J2EE/Java EE; Ruby On Rails; JRuby; Android, Eclipse, Maven
MySQL, Oracle
Applications Server: JBoss, Apache
Software Development Methodology: SCRUM

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